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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is Sterling Silver (.925)?
Answer: Sterling silver consists of 925 parts per thousand (or 92.5%) silver and 75 parts per thousand (or 7.5%) copper.

Question: Are all of your sterling silver jewelry pieces made of sterling silver (.925)?
Answer: Yes. We guarantee that all of our jewelry is sterling silver.

Question: How do I clean the sterling silver jewelry?
Answer: Clean with soap (not detergent) and water. If additional cleaning is necessary, use as mild a cleaner as possible. Detergents containing phosphate can turn sterling brown. Don't wash sterling silver and stainless steel together. If they touch, a chemical reaction may occur, resulting in black spots on the sterling silver.

Question: What do I do if the sterling silver jewelry tarnishes?
Answer: If your jewelry becomes tarnished over time, use a soft silver polishing cloth or silver polish cream to gently clean the silver parts. Do not use abrasive cleansers, or immerse your pieces in tarnish removal solutions if they contain gemstones. After using any commercial polish, rinse the silver in water and polish dry with a soft cloth. Residues of some polish left on silver may cause silver to tarnish faster. Soap may dull silver. Detergents with phosphates may leave a stain if not rinsed. Silver is often said to have a patina, or worn appearance that is achieved through frequent use and handling.

Question: I have never purchased sterling silver before. What should I look out for when shopping for sterling silver jewelry?
Answer: Always purchase sterling silver that is at least 92.5% pure. Steer clear of imitations made with other alloys or being plated with only a thin layer of silver. (Silver plated is simply a layer of silver that is bonded to a base metal.) If the content of silver is higher than 92.5%, the piece might be too soft and not suitable for everyday wear.

Question: How do I convert (mm) milimeters to actual inch measurements?
Answer: Conversion Chart

  • 70mm = 2.75 in
  • 65mm = 2.56 in
  • 60mm = 2.36 in
  • 55mm = 2.17 in
  • 50mm = 1.97 in
  • 45mm = 1.77 in
  • 40mm = 1.57 in
  • 35mm = 1.38 in
  • 30mm = 1.18 in
  • 25mm = 0.98 in
  • 20mm = 0.79 in
  • 18mm = 0.71 in
  • 15mm = 0.59 in


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